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  • Brett Kavanaugh could shape the law for the next 40 years
    Have you heard the one about the emoluments clause? BRETT KAVANAUGH, President Donald Trump’s second nomination to the Supreme Court in as many years, enjoys coaching girls’ basketball and feeding the homeless. He has twin degrees from Yale. He clerked for three judges, including Anthony Kennedy, the man he will probably replace. Since 2006 he […]
  • The case against impeachment
    ALAN DERSHOWITZ has had a pair of alternative covers mocked up for his new book, “The Case Against Impeaching Trump”. On one, which the celebrity legal scholar means to brandish as proof that his pre-emptive defence of President Donald Trump is apolitical, the word “Trump” has been replaced with “Clinton”. A lifelong Democrat who voted […]
  • What Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin ought to talk about in Helsinki
    Low-yield curve FECKLESS freeloaders they may be, but none of America’s NATO partners has displayed graphics of missiles raining down on Florida, or designed a torpedo which could cover the west coast in radioactive sludge, rendering it uninhabitable. Vladimir Putin’s Russia has done both. To judge by Russia’s rhetoric and declared intentions, and by the […]
  • Worker shortages could heal America’s economy
    SINCE 2015 many hawks have continually suggested that the American economy is at or close to maximum sustainable employment. They have some explaining to do. Fully 5.8m more Americans are in work than in December of that year, when the Federal Reserve began raising interest rates. That is two-thirds as many as lost their jobs […]
  • The Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki
    WASHINGTON is scandalised by a report that President Donald Trump has insisted on seeing his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, one-on-one, with no witness present, during their summit in Helsinki on July 16th. Yet it seems more surprising that he could consider such a precaution necessary. To amend one of his more outlandish boasts, Mr Trump […]

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