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  • The Trump administration is right to redefine relations with China
    THE National Security Strategy released by President Donald Trump’s administration last year augured a major change in China-US relations. Where its predecessors lauded the merits of co-operation with the emerging superpower, Mr Trump’s document promised competition and resistance to Chinese trade and other abuses. The tirade Mike Pence launched against China last week doubled down […]
  • Hispanic voters and the mid-terms
    ONE measure of racial progress is that African-Americans are as likely to vote in elections as whites. Black voters were actually slightly more likely to turn out than whites in the 2008 and 2012 presidential contests. Hispanics lag far behind. Turnout rates for Latinos were 20 points lower than for whites in 2016, a gap […]
  • Cannabis v wine in California
    Don’t Bogart that bottle BOOZE and drugs usually belong together like Fred and Ginger. But not, it seems, in California’s wine region. Wine-makers are fretting that recreational marijuana use, which became legal in the state in January, could challenge their dominance of what is delightfully known as people’s “intoxication budgets”. They also complain that they […]
  • Could “Medicare for all” become a real thing?
    PICTURE if you can Bernie Sanders, the democratic-socialist senator, as a young lad of four. That is how old Mr Sanders was in 1945 when Harry Truman announced his vision for single-payer health care, in which the government pays all costs. Lyndon Johnson, backed by crushing congressional majorities, resurrected the idea in 1965 when he […]
  • What is Nikki Haley up to?
    All oval now WAVERING voters in competitive congressional districts are not going to cast their ballots based on when America’s ambassador to the UN resigned. That Nikki Haley chose to do so on October 9th is nonetheless odd. Just a few weeks before the mid-terms, when Republicans are still crowing about having installed Brett Kavanaugh […]

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