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  • How common is sexual harassment?
    FOR social scientists the apparent epidemic of propositioning, pinching, groping and flashing that is gripping America brings a rare opportunity to observe a new norm, around how men behave towards women, being created in real time. First though, they must figure out the extent of the problem. The most extreme example—rape—is hard enough to count. […]
  • The price of cannabis is falling, suggesting a supply glut
    AFTER he was busted in 1974, Jeffrey Edmondson, a small-time dealer of marijuana, cocaine and amphetamines in Minneapolis, faced a daunting bill from the taxman for all his illicit income. He argued that he should be allowed to deduct $100,000 worth of business expenses, and a court agreed. Enraged, Congress revised the tax code in […]
  • So called “pass through” firms may soon get a big tax cut
    PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP broke with convention by not releasing his tax returns during his campaign for office. One reason might be his involvement in around 500 “pass-through” firms. The profits (and losses) of such businesses, unlike those of traditional corporations, flow directly onto the tax returns of their owners. So Mr Trump has good reason […]
  • China imports a farm from Iowa
    THE buddy seat on Rick Kimberley’s combine-harvester is a fine vantage point from which to observe precision farming. The combine’s satellite navigation allows farmers to make the most of good weather and to reap in the dark during peak harvesting periods. It is precise enough to trace the most efficient path to scoop up yellow, […]
  • Doug Jones against the darkness
    IF DOUG JONES becomes the first Democrat in a quarter of a century to win a Senate seat from Alabama on December 12th, the state will have followed his own political evolution. The grandson of a coal miner and a steelworker, Mr Jones was born into a family of Democrats. But when the South went […]

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