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  • More and more “emotional-support animals” are boarding planes
    Keep calm carry-on ACCORDING to the Air Carrier Access Act, pigs might indeed fly. Technically so might dogs, cats, miniature horses, kangaroos, possums, parrots, hamsters, ducks, turkeys, ferrets, lizards, snakes, turtles and a variety of other animals seldom seen at 35,000 feet. Although individual airlines have policies that bar many of these creatures from boarding, […]
  • America’s government is putting foreign cyber-spies in the dock
    ON SEPTEMBER 6th, President Donald Trump tweeted his gratitude to Kim Jong Un for the North Korean leader’s “unwavering faith” (in Donald Trump). “We will get it done together!” A few hours later the Justice Department published a 174-page criminal complaint against Park Jin Hyok, a prolific hacker working for North Korea’s military intelligence bureau. […]
  • Two Muslim women are headed for Congress
    IN HIS first presidential campaign, George W. Bush received 42% of the Muslim-American vote, compared with 31% for Al Gore. The 9/11 attacks, and the wars that followed, changed that affiliation. Eight years later, Muslim-Americans overwhelmingly backed Barack Obama. This was a big change for a religious minority that tended to have conservative views: traditionalist […]
  • An exceptionally underhanded smear lands Andrew Cuomo in hot water
    Nixonian DIRTY politics knows no party affiliation. Less than a week before New York’s Democratic governors’ primary, which will be held on September 13th, the state party circulated a leaflet implying that Cynthia Nixon, the progressive challenger, posed a threat to Jewish New Yorkers. The accusations—that Ms Nixon was “silent on the rise of anti-Semitism”, […]
  • The Democratic Party’s left flank has ideas for fixing the country
    TUCKER CARLSON, a Fox News host, and Bernie Sanders, a democratic-socialist senator, seldom agree. Yet on the matter of billionaires supposedly sponging off taxpayer largesse, they are completely simpatico. On September 5th Mr Sanders introduced a bill which would force large firms to pay taxes exactly equal to the amount of safety-net benefits consumed by […]

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